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Can't wrap your head around the interweb, but know you need a professional website? Have no fear, Nerdy Web Guy is here!

Spinning on Social Media?

Want to get your business more customers through social media like Facebook and Twitter, but not sure where to get started? Nerdy Web Guy can help.

Nerdy Web Guy is the Answer!

Whatever your budget, Nerdy Web Guy can give you a professional website with social interaction and a means to get more business. You should really be clicking that button and contact Nerdy Web Guy today. The longer you wait, the more business you could lose! Contact Nerdy Web Guy!

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of websites today use WordPress.

Of those sites that use some kind of content management system, 55% use WordPress. Nerdy Web Guy excels at WordPress and at the custom deployment of the software.

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Face It. You Need A Website.

The fact is, you're losing customers by not having a web presence. Whether you have a service or a product, by having a website, you're exposed to many customers that may not have seen you before.

Nerdy Web Guy can get you set up to be discovered by those looking for what you offer. The time is now, what are you waiting for?

Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard of the term before. SEO is valuable for every single person or business with a web presence. It means people using google to search for your product or service. You gotta get found, and Nerdy Web Guy knows how to SEO.

Content Marketing

People search the web for stuff. They're looking to bake a cake, fix a tire, or build a birdhouse. When you offer expert advice and tips, they find you and you can convert seekers of knowledge to customers.

84 percent of consumers will not make a purchase from a small business if they do not trust the company.*

Nerdy Web Guy knows how to get you started and can even partner in content creation. Hand in hand with SEO and social media, content marketing can help you rule your niche!


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sell out more frequently every half star rating restaurants receive on Yelp.

27 percentage points if alternate information is scarce

* source:

20% of all pageviews on the web are on Facebook

*source: Jeff Bullas

You can't afford to not do social media, and Nerdy Web Guy knows which services are right for your business.

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Email Newsletter

With the many novel ways of connecting with customers, email newsletters are still your biggest asset.

Email has been the daily morning paper for years now, it's the one thing many people check regularly. Your business can't afford to not have an email list.

Nerdy Web Guy knows how to design an email newsletter that fits the theme of your website and uses the best practice of email newsletter design to get your message or promotion across to the most people you can.

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